Kinder Garten

Our school focuses on Right Foundation of values, life skills and academics that will shape the future of a child. Milestones can be achieved when basic values, principles and discipline is inculcated among children right from the beginning. We know that 0 to 5 years is a golden period where the learning is fast and brain develops by 90%. In these years, we should help children develop all important skills required for their life. We should ensure learning happens HAPPILY without stress. The complete success is achieved only when learning is accompanied along with good habits, values, discipline, manners and socialization. These are basic mantas for success. These are the fundamentals of SKI Education.

One of the main objectives of the school is to render the best service for the future pillars of the society with responsibility, Loyalty, Sincerity, Dedication, Initiative and Equality among all.

The students are trained, Practiced and prepared to excel in their academics, Repeated and continuous effort in right direction makes them to excel in all fields

With the Co-Operation of the teachers, the students are taught to do everything with passion and a tinge of compassion.