Sri Krish International School has crossed so many years of outstanding achievements not only in academics but also in cultural events, sports, games and other extra-curricular activities.

The School has spacious campus with well-equipped and well-maintained hygienic classrooms. It provides peace, harmony and the best atmosphere to bring up the students as happy and healthy individuals.

All the teachers are well qualified, trained and experienced and they offer special training to the students in education, Physical development, Aesthetic Progress and also in cultural heritage

It lays the foundation for a child to blossom into a good human being who forms an integral part of the family unit and society.

The School aims to help the child manifest their intellectual talent and it lays emphasis on character building, developing winning attitudes and preparing students to face the ever-growing challenges in life.

The aims of the curriculum are to ensure that all children are provided with learning opportunities that recognize and celebrate their uniqueness, develop their full potential. The focus is on the child as learner, and the use of a variety of teaching methodologies is an essential feature of the curriculum.

The curriculum emphasizes the need for greater attention to be paid to students with special educational needs and emphasizes the importance of achieving functional literacy and numeracy. It also draws attention to the needs of gifted children.

The Students of primary are given an opportunity to have a personalized learning. They are given ample exposure to Classical Music, Western Music, Dance, Yoga, Karate, chess, sports and other club activities in addition to Academics

Through the implementation of a variety of life skills, innovative and progressive teaching methods, consistent discipline and the use of modern technology, we seek to prepare learners for the changing society of which they are a part and to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing future

All competitive & talent based exams are conducted.

Each & every classrooms are equipped with Smart board and advanced devices to give visual education and interactive learning

Necessary teaching equipment’s, materials are provided to have activity based teaching

Extensive & Digitalized Library:

Balanced approach to life and acknowledge the complimentary roles played by the School and the community.

This encourages an attitude of openness among educators, parents and learners and at the same time is committed to the sharing of high moral values and standards

The Children are ably guided for technology based learning in the Computer Science & Robotics Lab.

Exclusive computer lab with well-structured curriculum for primary students.

Activity based learning in the formative years make them to understand the importance of community living.

Composite lab and Exclusive Junior Computer lab is the highlight of the School.