About Us

About SKIS!

Today’s Children are Tomorrow’s Leaders. Let every Child Say, “Yes, I can”.

Sri Krish International School was established in 2014 and founded by chairman Dr. R. Krishnamoorthy (PGDMA, BBA) with the motto of Quality and enriched education for all. SKI was initially started at Kovur and later spread its wings at Rathinamangalam and Angadu.  Sri Krish International School is one of the best and Top CBSE schools in Chennai which excels in Academic, Technical learning, Extracurricular and Sports. Sri Krish curriculum is carefully handmade for students from 2 to 18 years that include:

1. Technical Enhancement: Artificial Intelligence, Coding, Scram, web designing, Robotics, etc.
2. Mental and Arithmetic Strategies: Olympiads, PRMO, Spell bee, IAPT, Neltas, National and International brain teaser competitions.
3. Global Exposure: Students Exchange programs, through British Council collaborated with Cambodia and Korean schools, Educational tours to ISRO and NASA.
4. Physical Strength and Endurance: Athletics, Football, Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Basketball, Tennis, Karate, Western and classical dance/Music, Silambam.
5. Academic and Curriculum: Value-based and life skills education, Interactive method of teaching, Subject Experts, Innovative and activity-based curriculum, Concept blended learning, One on One mentor-based learning.
6. Key Highlights: Hi-Tech labs, Separate ground for different age groups, RFID transport facility, Comfortable School Timing, Well-ventilated smart classrooms, fully stocked library, Wi-Fi enabled Campus, Individual labs for each subject, Full- edged auditorium, CCTV monitored campus, RO water Facility.

Learning is more than paper, pencil, pen or books

Vision is the future state of beings

Our vision is to be a leading and most sought after international school in India that imparts inclusive and blended learning by providing a congenial and safe learning environment whereby students are able to realize their dreams, capitalize on their strengths and empower themselves with competencies that makes them as leaders, enablers and creators not only in academic pursuit but also in all spheres of life in a holistic manner.

Mission is a roadmap to realize the aspirational vision

We propose to achieve our visionary goals by ensuring that:
• Sri Krish International School is a harbinger of futuristic education by adoption of global teaching standards.
• All relevant and required physical facilities and resources are accessible to all students in an equitable manner.
• Highly effective & professionally qualified teachers are in place who become mentors and focus on excelling student outcomes, discover & kindle their innate potential and enable them to become a confident & determined individuals.
• Schooling is a pleasurable day-to-day experience for children & students that would make them yearn to learn.

Our Chairman Message

Dr. R. Krishnamoorthy-a distinguished academician, eminent entrepreneur, prominent philanthropist, and an able administrator Message:

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” – Malcolm X

The childhood period of an individual's life is the best period where they have their prime learning experience. The school environment plays a vital role in sculpting a student into a well-balanced citizen, healthy in mind and spirit. Sri Krish has always empowered the SKIans and transformed them into citizens with truth, justice, liberty, and equality. Sri Krish Students has always made Schools, parents, and teachers proud of their achievements in both curricular and co-curricular elds. We impart Tech- savvy education which creates create more interesting and meaningful learning experiences, through which our students will be able to develop the most relevant skills, habits, and character attributes. A 12-year valued-based education of 25,000 hours on the school campus is essential to build an open and transparent society with integrity. The school, the environment, and the teachers lead a child to become an enlightened citizen. Our Curriculum is designed using activity-based learning, cutting-edge technology, role- playing, and other skills to engage and inspire in a way where students can identify their talents, Skill, and interest. I wish all the SKI students the best future.

Meet Our Founders

  • Dr R. Krishnamoorthy


  • Mrs. Gowri Krishnamoorthy


  • Dr. Jayakarthik

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Dr Kiruthi Krishnamoorthy

    Chief Operating Officer