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03:23 24 May 24
Take care of children safety first.
10:54 13 May 24
Keerthika PriyaKeerthika Priya
03:44 13 May 24
Melody MalneuMelody Malneu
14:18 03 May 24
Hello?Is there anyone who can give me any of this school teacher??
Cricket WorldCricket World
14:46 02 May 24
They are keeping school for 10th and 12th even during May months. Kids are sweating profusely and are drenched in sweat while coming to home. Ac is also not working it seems and the sports equipment is very old and needs to be replaced. New ground for only seniors(10th-12th) should be arranged as the juniors occupy most of the PT ground. The worst of all, the drinking is totally unsafe as somedays the water is brown in colour and the tanks are not cleaned properly.
Mohan kumar ManoharanMohan kumar Manoharan
03:59 28 Apr 24
Ashwini .AAshwini .A
04:10 20 Apr 24
Bennet PrabaBennet Praba
16:56 15 Apr 24
w3technologies Inw3technologies In
15:42 15 Apr 24
Concerns About Heavy Homeworks Workload and Student Well-being at Sri Krish International SchoolAs a concerned parent of a second standard student at Sri Krish International School, I feel compelled to address the overwhelming workload our children are facing, particularly in terms of homework assignments.The amount of homework and the heavy portions assigned to our young learners are causing undue stress, worry, and psychological distress. Our children are feeling fully occupied and emotionally drained, which is deeply concerning for their well-being and overall development.It's imperative for the school administration to reassess the current workload and make necessary adjustments to ensure a more balanced and manageable learning environment for our children. Excessive homework not only affects their mental health but also hampers their enthusiasm for learning and exploration.I urge the school to consider implementing strategies to alleviate the burden on our young students, such as reducing the volume of homework, providing more support resources, and promoting a healthy work-life balance.By prioritizing the mental and emotional well-being of our children, Sri Krish International School can truly fulfill its commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who thrive academically and personally.Sincerely,Parent
Senthil Kumar RajanSenthil Kumar Rajan
10:39 15 Apr 24

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