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Club Activities


Targeting the Sculpting of a 21st century learners we are up with innovative instructional methods. An important task of this sculpting is the integration of club activities to empower all learnt in the scholarly areas. The club activities that give room for interdisciplinary skill development makes it feasible to extend "Freedom to Learn" to all our learners. The specifics that we target are Creativity, Problem solving, Critical Thinking, Decision making, Effective Communication, Cooperation, Leadership, Team work, Citizenship, Character building, Information technology, Inter and Intra personal relationship. This way we ensure the right life skills are bundled with the core subject instruction. Committee members from the Life Skills, Value Education, Personality Development and Communication domains ensure the smooth conduct of all the club activities through proper event management skills.

Language Club

Plethora of activities in English, Hindi, Tamil and French like cub reporting, author’s chair, book reviews, kids magazine, debates, role plays, creative drama, fancy dress and so on , expose learners to learning opportunities through which the right language registers are formed. The English Classroom together with the language lab and the club activities at Sri Krish are framed down with an objective of seeing the learners acquire flawless language skills. The Tamil, Hindi and French clubs ensure the acquisition of regional language registers in their respective cultural contexts only to bring back the art forms associated with them. The literary club of the school ensures mastery in all these languages through a plan of work that is meticulous in the realisation of the objectives.


Numeracy is a brilliant trait for every learner for the sharpness, speed and accuracy that build up their logical thinking acumen. The club activities of the mathematics department ensure that critical thinking, logical thinking and problem solving abilities are enhanced through a variety of activities phased at right points of time in our academic calendar. This motivates learners to look at maths ina friendly way.


With a view to enhance the thinking skills of students and keep their inquiry spirit intact, lot of science club activities are done through the year. Introducing science, its inventions, inventors and its various wonders make them curious. Children are asked to do simple but effective “do it yourself” projects for displays jninternal exhibitions.

Social Science

This club goes all the way out to make them socially responsible. Yes, regular visits to nearby villages make students get first hand information about the life style of various rural people. The discussions of case studies make them socially aware to various problems and help them take decisions pertaining to the same.

Eco Club

Go Green and stay focused for making the world a better place to live is the mantra of the hour. We believe to ingrain these thoughts in the tender minds of our young students to make them responsible towards environmental issues. Lot of projects round the year planned by the club sensitises them to be abiding to the environment and work towards a pollution-free surrounding.

Disaster Management

India and especially Chennai has seen it all. Be it Tsunami or the infamous floods. It’s important for the children to know, how a situation is to be handled in the case of emergency. Various situational samples and demonstrations are a part of this club comprising the secondary graders.

Scouts and Guides

Be it annual day or sports day or republic day the role of scouts cannot be denied. This club through its various activities for boys and girls instructs them to be always prepared and the lessons of Baden Powell intact. It gives students an experience which may help them pursue a career in the Indian Defence forces later in their lives.

Health Management

Proper first aid has saved millions. This club was basically established to introduce basic knowledge about medicines and various tactics to save life in case of emergencies. Apart from first aid, anti-obesity drives are also undertaken. Children are advised, what to eat what not to eat, and are made aware of a healthy eating habit. They are also given a chart and are Make your child an asked to bring one particular health dish a day for lunch. This not only enables the students to eat healthy but also gives a chance to families to remember all the healthy dishes which have been lost over along time.


To increase mental ability of the children, we encourage our children to take part in the English, Science, Maths and Cyber Olympiads regularly. It’s a proud moment for us to say that our students have won around 70 to 80 gold medals in these aptitude tests proving there is more room for thinking out of the box in the methodologies we adopt.


We have around 271 toppers in SpellBee. Yes, that’s a significant number and a feather on our cap, for our initiative to improve English knowledge and phonetics. We are assured that year after year we are going to perform well and make our children great spellers.

Integrated Syllabus

We need to be visionaries in many areas. Especially as we don’t know, what will the child choose once they finish their school education. So we have an integrated approach to learning that which is concept driven in mathematics and science. By Introducing a pattern proof approach we are sure to trigger the high order thinking in our students that they will be well equipped to face all kinds of competitive exams including IIT JEE or NEET.

Soft Skills (Grades 3 to 8)

Group discussions, various quizzes, mental aptitude tests and logical reasoning organised for the soft skill programme prepare the students to face situations like interviews and real time tests to enhance their chances of meeting the competitive world of tomorrow.

Abacus (Grades 1 to 4)

To improve numerical computational skills and to make learning maths fun, we have trained teachers to extend the principles of an Abacus to our students. This is done within the school hours and helps our students to do basic maths operations with speed and accuracy. The visualisation of the abacus as a mental calculator makes them very sharp and brain-wise very strong.