School is a building which has four walls and tomorrow inside” – Lon Watters

Facilities & Technology

We understand our immense responsibility to tend thousands of “tomorrows” at Sri Krish International School and accordingly ensure that the facilities that are germane to effective learning/academic performance of students are ubiquitously present so as to improve the learning environment and quality of education.

Our campus is well designed and offers all modern facilities for a safe and secure learning environment. Right from the basic building infrastructure to modern smart classrooms to fully equipped science laboratories, it boasts of 360-degree facilities including a state-of-the-art auditorium adopting latest technologies, large well-lit open plan art studios, craft centers, theatre space maker-spaces, research and food production mobile stations and modernized digital library.

The indoor and outdoor sports facilities are unparalleled and best in the country. Over all, Sri Krish International School is fully geared up to groom the next generation of athletes, statesmen, thespians and musicians.

5 blocks, spread over 5 acres.

A Central Library with vast resources.

Wifi enabled lab and campus.

Modern Lecture Halls & “Smart Classrooms”

Internet Connection – a dedicated leased line that keeps information flowing rapidly at 100 megabytes per second.

Information Technology and Knowledge Management supporting over 200 computers

Around 45 Buses – that ply regularly between the school and the city.

Hygenic Canteens – from fast-food to full-fledged cafeterias, spread throughout the campus.

Expansive auditorium that can accommodate over 750 people

Language Lab – specializing in English,French & Hindi.

Indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

Academic block with plinth area of 1,35,000 sq ft.



Outdoor FOOTBALL field, courts and playgrounds

Bee garden, outdoor garden plots, equestrian centre, and biking and jogging tracks


Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students

The teachers in Sri Krish International School don different roles – as educators, moderators, facilitators, inculcators and as role models. We ensure that such teachers are meticulously recruited and retained so that they enable the children reinvent themselves in every trait in academics and as an individual as well.  Our faculties are experienced veterans and are also professionally qualified with more than 80% of teachers being post graduates with 17 of them holding doctorates. We enable them to keep abreast of themselves in the ever changing academia by encouraging to acquire higher qualification.

Nurturing is a chain reaction at Sri Krish International School. While teachers nurture the students, we nurture our teachers to such an extent that the attrition rate here can be termed as abysmally low as per industry standards. Over 83% of our existing teachers have been here for more than two years, and nearly 40% have been here for more than ten years and the average stint for all SKIS teachers is around 9 years.

Student-Teacher Ratio

25. Pupil-Teacher Ratio.—(1) 1 [Within three years] from the date of commencement of this Act, the appropriate Government and the local authority shall ensure that the Pupil-Teacher Ratio of 30:1 for lower primary and 35:1 for upper primary classes – RTE Act 2009

Student-Teacher Ratio is one of the strongest indicators of student success and engagement.  For a teacher to truly focus on each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses, tailor teaching according to their needs, or know how to push each one uniquely toward success, optimal student-teacher ratio is a must.

Sri Krish International School is fully conscious of this undisputable fact and has taken concrete steps to have an overall optimal student-teacher ratio of 15.1:1 which may vary from 15 to 27 for different grades upto 12th grade thus completely avoiding students falling through the cracks in a larger classroom or one with a higher student-teacher ratio.   This optimal ratio factors in support teachers, counselors, librarians, and technology coaches but does not include instructional assistants who provide significant extra adult interaction especially for our younger students.