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Primary Curriculum (Grades 1 to 5)

Primary education is the basic and foremost right of Every Child

The primary students at our school are provided with a unique opportunity for personalized learning. In addition to their academic pursuits, they are exposed to a diverse range of activities such as Classical Music, Western Music, Dance, Yoga, Karate, and various club activities. We believe in a holistic approach, focusing on life skills within an interdisciplinary framework, utilizing innovative teaching methods and modern technology. Our goal is to prepare these young learners for the ever-changing dynamics of society and equip them to meet the challenges of the future.

Throughout their journey at our school, we strive to promote individuality and foster a well-rounded, joyful approach to life. We value the essential roles played by both parents and the community in a child's education. This encourages a culture of openness among educators, parents, and students, while maintaining a commitment to upholding high moral values and standards.

Our students are well-guided in the domains of technology-based learning through our Computer Science and Robotics Lab. We firmly believe that activity-based learning during their formative years helps them grasp the significance of living as part of a community.